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Kerambit knives


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After a challenge from a friend, and a particularly rough week dealing with a family loss, i got to the smithy. I found out that for me, forging, just about anything helps keep my head clear and keep me moving ahead. Anyways the challenge issued by a friend was to forge up a kerambit. This posed a bit of a conundrum to me, having never cared for heavily curved knives, or finger holes this was a new design to me. 


The process i ended up using was using a bar of 1070 1" wide i worked out the blade first. A little bit of trimming with a modern cut off wheel, followed up by refining the shape and curve with the hammer, and a final sanding. Then measuring out where i wanted the hole, i center punched it, then began using the punches we have at the guild. After getting the hole to size i began working on the curve of the handle, placing the knife on edge on the horn, and hammering both directly down, and off the horn to get the curve. 


My question to everyone else here, is which way would you work the curves assuming basic tools are had.  I will attach my results for reference. Though the handle is not done, it needs more curve and more definition. 


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Remember that how you thin the blade may change the profile a lot. If you girnd it will change little. If you plan to forge bevels towards the cutting edge youi will have to continually reshape the curve of the blade as you work. and if you wish this profile it will change also, have to take care of that while forging also.

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