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Is any change to find a job like blacksmith helper? If yes where to look for this...


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I'm just wondering there is any change to find thats kind job where I can work (makes some money) and learn in blacksmithing...

I see some offers in Poland but they need full proffesional blacksmiths, the same situations is in Czech Republic (but they have normal school for blacksmiths - in Poland we don't have this)...

I ask because I'm a welder with primary certifications 135 and 141 who I can't improve (too expensive for me and Firm don't want invest in employee), Now I'm looking for any job opportunity in metal industry anywhere on Earth (Yes I have passport), but I really want try it in blacksmithing...

Maybe you hear about that kind opportunity... If yes please give me some hint, how find this...

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Thanks Glenn,
but I'm still rookie, then I can apply only on positions a blacksmith helper... And I think they don't need blacksmiths helper who need permission to work (Green Card - is needed for Polish Citizens)...

But this work must be great I'm just jealous - this people make this beatiful things from wood and metal... that's awesome

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