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Simple forge plans and blower designs

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I have a book that many of you have as well, I'm sure, with step by steps "how to" build a forge and bellows. I have found that the simple forges are not as user freindly as the more complex. Sorta a Model A pickup compared to an F250 4X4. Either will work, but it depends upon what you'd expect. In this case, from the forge.

I have used a small rivet forge and the large brick hearth forge and both function well. In fact, the class I teach employs both, but the guys like that Champion; small shallow rivet pan forge more so than the large bellows operated brick hearth. Then again, they are making nails and hooks etc.etc.

The rivet forge will operate well for about two hrs, then it's so loaded w/clinker it won't heat well, so it is pulled apart and refired. The large/deep fire pot forges will operate all day and even hold a fire for 3.5-4 hrs unattended. Nice, if you are called away for any length of time.

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Guest Johnnie

SReynolds when you say a deep fire pot, how deep is deep? 4-6''? I am in the throws of fabricating one my self and have been trawling this forum for some valued pointers.
Just hope you see this before I start!!!
Thanks for your post MAC!

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