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First actual useful project

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I told my wife that I wanted to make something that was actually useful. When she asked what it was going to be I told her that if it "worked" it would be a mother's day present. If not, then it would be a piece of metal that was all banged up - what I like to call "practice".

This one actually worked. I haven't finished it up yet. I like to sand things down to mostly silver then heat it to various shades of oxidation.

Question: I usually just seal with beeswax, but is there something else to use? just curious.

IMG_2812.JPG Picture_001.jpg

IMG_2811.JPG Picture_004.jpg

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Hey Blackbeard,
The short of it is this: After finishing up my project, whatever it is, I hand-sand most of the black off so I get a lot of base metal showing, then I just reheat to the point of getting the oxidation colors. With small things like the bowls I just put them in the forge for a little bit. The colors in the line gradient is because the end was in the flame path. With the pot rack I just clamped it in my vise and heated it with a propane torch until the color flowed. If you work with coal or charcoal, you could just hold the object above the flame and watch for the colors. as soon as I get what I want, I quick dip or pour water over it to stop the colors and rub it down with beeswax.

If I have a lot of small things like crosses or keychain leafs, I clean them all up and put them in my forge after I have turned it off.

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