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Need HELP with MYPIN brand PID temp controller

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Bought a TD6 PID controller for a tempering oven. The english syntax in the 'manual' is so bad as to be totally useless. "In display estate press SET,P/MV lamp on means SV setting while off means MV manual output setting but only on manual operation and input connect do MV settable" I can set the target temp and that's all. I need to change from celsius to fahrenheit. I'd like to set a ramp speed for cooling but can live without it. Any help would be appreciated. Keith

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I got an omega 9000 controller and had a real tough time making it work. However the company has a great support phone line and got me on track with a couple of phone calls. The down side of the controller is that at no time did I find in the data that came with it or with the on line help any mention of needing a seperate switch between it and the heating element.That of course allowed me to fry the unit. I have nto decided on which unit to replace this with. The support they gave will be a factor. i hope the maker of yours will help with your issue.

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Keith, Do you have a link to the "manual" for your controller? I've found that many of the cheap ebay controllers are effectively the same, despite appearances, presumably because they use the same processor. None of the manuals are good, but some are less poor than others.

If you aren't used to PID controllers, pretty much any controller will induce migraine.

Rich, I'd strongly recommend either a CN7823 or a CN7223, depending on controller size, from Omega, or one of the Solo series from AutomationDirect. I like the bigger Solo 9696VRE because the buttons are bigger and I can read it from across the shop, but the 4848VR is cheaper. AutomationDirect seem to have pretty good support too.


The other popular controller on your side of the pond is the Auber Instruments ramp/soak controller (I think it's the SYL-2352P). Used in a few of the HT ovens I've seen write-ups for, but not really available here so I have not used one.

The Omega and Solo I've mentioned appear to be the same controller, badged differently. They will tune to and store 4 different sets of PID terms at 4 different temperatures, then automatically use the set of terms closest to the setpoint. I like this feature.

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