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Either the Economy or something is catching up with ebay prices

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About every week i save a bunch of the "nicer" blacksmith items on ebay under "watched items"..I like seeing what they go for..Ive been doing this for a long time..In the last couple of months I have seen a large ammount of the big ticket blacksmith tools not meeting the reserves sellers have been putting on them..
Matchless which Im sure most are familiar with has slowed down selling lately and Ive noticed that most of the big items he has had up for sale have never met the reserve..Ive seen them try to sell the same hammer about three times, same big brooks anvils a couple of times, the same cones a couple of times,etc..Honestly I kinda hate this for them as I like to see the small american business prosper..A set of wally yater blocks up this week topped out at $1200(didnt meet reserve) which is about $400-$600 lower than they normally go..
Honestly I think "most" folks paying these big prices are collectors casue we all know how stingy smiths are,LOL..Do you think its the economy overall or the price of a now flooded market of big money collectors pieces?

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KYBOY, I've been doing the same thing, and noted the repeats. I definitely think the economy is playing a role when it comes time for working smiths to spend money. While I would love to have those Yater swage blocks, there's just no way in the world I'm coming off with anything close to the 'reserve' price.

I would also posit that a lot of the 'new' is worn off blacksmithing equipment. While folks like Matchless might be able to cater to the high-end collectors market with top-shelf equipment, that doesn't mean that Joe Schmukatelli can get a similar price for his rusted stuff just because he's seen crazy high prices on fleabay. I keep seeing this guy in TX trying to sell a nicely rusted fire pot and tuyere, and he keeps getting no bids. One week his starting bid was $244, the next it was down to $180. Can't wait to see what he comes down to next week! Heck, if he puts down a 'buy now' option for a decent price, I might just jump on it. As is, the price plus cost of shipping just isn't worth the hassle for a lot of people.

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Not to hijack this post, but...I'm tired of seeing 'antique' or 'vintage' tools with absurd prices when the item is a rusty hammer with a rubber grip handle or one in which you can still see "Plumb" on the painted handle. That and old tongs of questionable quality with asking prices greater than new tongs from a reputable blacksmith supplier. OK, got that out of my system...now back to work LOL

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