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Steve and I will cover testing methods we use when the knife chat begins in late october,,,I know that does not answer your question but we will put a lot of effort into it so it makes sense, and i do not know how to splain it in here in a few sentences,,if you can wait........
Check main page in keeping you informed sectioon for further info.

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Sounds good. I will be watching for it. I made over 100 knives in the years past. My job took me away form it. I now have retired and I am getting back to the things that I love to do. After reading same articles here on heat treating there seems to be some changes in the accepted methods,process and material. I almost feel like I am having to learn all over again. My main interest and focus was and will be 18th century hand forged knives. I guess it carries over from interest in muzzleloadig. I feel I have made the circle I started out learning the removal process and then switch to forging. I sold the furnace , grinders, etc. I much prefer forging processes. In feel you have more control and broader range of possibilities that you can do. I know that is my opinion only which doesn't carry much weight. Looking forward to the new journey and learning from all of you and your vast experience.

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