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Just last week I had to move from Tucson, AZ to Madison, WI. Unfortunately, my moving arrangements did not allow me to bring my forge/anvil/etc... What would be the cheapest way to ship it, or should I find one locally and donate/sell my current one? I won't be able to use it either way until I can find a house (rather than an apartment) for at least a year, so I have time.

Has anyone made this sort of move before? Any help is appreciated...

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Better to keep your anvil than part with it. As you may have read anvils of good quality are often hard to find in many parts of the country and if you have one it is better to keep it than part with it. Thomas has a good suggestion there about putting it on a pallet an shipping it via a freight line to your new location.

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What about those self pack, pay to move container services like pods or pack rat? I have some friends that moved from CT to Chicago with it. They didn't have blacksmith stuff, but it seems like a better way than a rental truck.

I am not sure how much the cost was, but even if you can get your anvil and basic tooling, that would be a good start. Knowing my friends I am certain they checked around and found that to be the most cost effective option for them, when you consider money, time, etc.

I am curious about the same thing. I am contemplating a move to Texas from Connecticut. At least I will bring my anvil, hammers, and tongs. Everything else I can deal with.

Best of luck,

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