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Pneumatic parts for a air hammer

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Good evening all, I live in Australia and are wanting to purchase all the switches and valves on line for a air hammer. I live in Australia SA and need a bit of help finding a reputable store where to buy from. I do have a SMC cylinder 1.5 by 11 inch, I need to mill out the bores to half inch. There seems to be no stock in Australia of parts and need to be imported from the USA. Any help would be of great assistance. Any brand names and part numbers would be good. I think I need a 5port valve, 3 port valve, roller switch, oiler of some sort and a muffler.


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Do not change the 3/8 pipe to 1/2. It is not necessary. All of the ports on the 5 way are 3/8. Do use 1/2 hose for the volume. The action is so fast the momentary difference in size is not a factor. Get the Ron Kinion plans for either #1 or #2. Both explain the valving and where to get them. I built # 2 and am pretty happy with it. The # 1 seemed to be more complecated with the valveing. Good luck and have fun

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