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  1. If anyone in Adelaide is looking there is Thermal Ceramics at Regency Park
  2. Good afternoon I have a Henry Wright which is my favourite anvil, the weight is as stamped at 137lb, my question is if you want a sharp edge wouldn't it be best to just dress down the sides or one side.
  3. Why would you want to swap yours have so much character.
  4. Good morning Thomas, I did try and search the patent and drew a blank. Not being an expert, what are the best ways to search for a patent. I was using dawn vice with the pat No.
  5. Good afternoon, I have just been given this vice and after any information that would be available.
  6. Thanks Daniel, please see sizes of the Peter Wright Heel to horn is 300mm Top plate is 570 x 135mm Base is 345 x 320mm Height is 375mm Hardie is 38 mm Pritchel is 22 mm
  7. Thanks,there is no slot,I will pack timbers around the anvil base to stop the movement
  8. Cast steel was only an assumption, it is probably iron.
  9. Just showing off two anvils that I have just acquired, The small one is a Henry Wright at 116lb and in excellent conditions. The larger one is a Peter Wright at 370lb. I got given the cast steel base with the anvil which is also a lot heavier. Is this base used for an anvil or is it far a swage block, the internal size is 15" x 16" and would weigh over 450lb. In the back ground of the Henry Wright is my 467lb Wilkinson
  10. Thanks for your replies, I have enough Kaowool left to put in another layer and then coat again with ITC 100. I do not believe that the coatings I have been using have been very thick. When coating do you do more than 1 coat of of the ITC product. I have also purchased a refactory mortar called fondu and was going to mix this with the vemiculite, the specs on this rates it upto 2350 degrees f. Kast o lite is not readily available in Australia so I might try the fondu mix first and see how I go. Thanks for everyones generous information.
  11. Thanks for the help, with the refractory lining is this straight cement or do you add something like vermiculite to it.
  12. I have a large gas forge with a 1" hybrid burner. I have 3 layers of 1" insulation and ct 100 coated. I find that the kaowool is disintegrating after running for a long period of time, 5 hours flat out. Don't know if this is a normal problem or am I over cooking it. The inner layer only. Thanks for any suggestions
  13. I'm in Australia, the family I got them from was on old buggy builder. No idea what the angled one was for. The dug out one is for a plough head made for the farmers in the district. I was told they are over 80 years old. Cheers
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