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Knifemakers in Virginia


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This is probably the wrong end of the state, but there is an event coming up soon down toward Bristol that will have some of the best bladesmiths in the country:

Holston Mtn. Hammerin 2007

This is short notice, and they may already be full, but it would be worth the effort. I can't make it, but I really wish I could.


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Look into The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland. There are a few guys around there that do some wonderful things in making blades. Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland

The president of the guild is a super nice guy and should be able to help.

Also the Blacksmith Guild of the Potomac is a big group with a bunch of top quality smiths....there is bound to be one in that group somewhere... www.bgop.org

Hope this helps. I will also keep my ear to the ground to see whatelse I can find out for you...

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Jim I am not sure if you have run across this website but this guy is out of Newport News VA. I know it is a little far from you, but he may be networked to other knifemakers that could be closer to you.

Virginia Custom Cutlery

Jim I hope to cross paths with you one of these days...being a fellow Virginia boy I suppose its just a matter of time! Good luck with the search and I will keep trying to dig something up...


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