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Petroleum or metallurgical coke is dense and heavy, will not stay lit without an electric blower, and will not form a "beehive"

Some people have been using it successfully. It is reportedly hard on fire pots. I haven't had opportunity to try, but use a hand crank blower so I might rather not try.


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It may be a temporary solution to your fuel shortage. But I'm not sure that I would use it very long. Try it and see if it works. I have been known to be wrong, a time or six. If it turns out that it works without a problem, then you may have found a new fuel source. Good luck and let us know how it works. :)

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I built my fire pot out of scrap 3/8 steel so it should withstand a tornado. I do use an electric blower, my fire stayed lit pretty good. It didnt take much to get it hot either. It will do for now because it was the right price....free. I just wanted to be sure it was ok for forging....and that it has no side effects to the steel.

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