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  1. I have no intention of selling it. I was just curious if the price I paid was decent. I am new to smithing so I was unsure of the value or the manufacturer. I am happy with the purchase to say the least!
  2. Thanks for the help with the id of this vise! It's me first leg vise for my shop, not a bad start I guess!
  3. Shootfirst04

    Leg Vice ID

    I picked this up at an auction for $40 bucks.....any idea if its worth it? Also curious as to the maker, yr, orgin, any ideas?
  4. Where can you have a makers mark made or is there an easy way to make one?
  5. I built my fire pot out of scrap 3/8 steel so it should withstand a tornado. I do use an electric blower, my fire stayed lit pretty good. It didnt take much to get it hot either. It will do for now because it was the right price....free. I just wanted to be sure it was ok for forging....and that it has no side effects to the steel.
  6. Yes It is. I mixed some with charcoal and it burned nice and hot. Just curious if it is good for working with steel.
  7. Is petcoke good for blacksmithing?
  8. Can somebody point me in the right direction to buy smithing coal in Lima, OH. I cannot seem to find a local supplier.
  9. Here are two more pics too help with the id of this anvil.....thanks to anybody who helps with this!
  10. Ive seen pics of the arm and hammer but theres no markings like those ive seen on the arm and hammer although the overall shape looks almost identical. The bottom is flush with no depression and only has a square hole.
  11. Im very new at blacksmithing.... What would be the signs that it's an arm and hammer?
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