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Hello from Dallas! Looking to take a class or learn from anyone around here if possible?


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Hey everyone! I'm a 23 year old college student who has always been interested in smithing. I'm looking to build my first forge in the coming weeks as I begin to gather parts for a Brake-Drum forge (my biggest issue right now is finding an anvil). I'm excited to begin this hobby and hopefully will sign up to take a class or two to start.

I was looking for any recommendations for teachers in the area, I'm willing to make a bit of a drive if required. Here is what I've found so far.


The latter requires 4 weeks notice at least and I'm not known for my patience, so hopefully I can book something with the first, unless someone here has a better idea.

Thanks in advance!

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Smithing is all about patience so you will learn that fast lol welcome to the site and enjoy. take the time to read through the many threads that are here there is a vast amount information on here that will help you in you quest . I am guiltey of not doing so it will answer many of your questions and many will help you find what you need or at least point you in the right direction .have fun .


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Tycho, I would recommend Chuck Stone in the Dallas area, but any beginning course will be a start. Then take another and another until your skill level increases. Get in touch with Mike Clark at the North Texas Blacksmithing Association( ntxba.org). They just had gas forge workshop last month and I believe they built more than 25 forges. I would hold off on making or building any forges or tools until I had a chance to spend some time with other like minded people. Blacksmiths are generally very willing to share knowledge and info. Being self taught in blacksmithing is difficult, so make some connections and by all means take a class. Alan

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! I second Chuck. Great guy and good smith. If you want to make a short drive I do an 8hr beginner class in my shop/studio. I'm 2hrs east of Dallas in Longview. You can PM me if you have questions about the class or whatever. I also have a few tools for beginners...anvils, forges, vises....
You would do yourself good by reading as much as you can here. There are years of experience in print and it will take you some time to read it all. Also, hook up with the North Texas group, as Alan mentioned. They are great guys to play with and can teach you plenty. Again, welcome to the site!

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Hi, I too am in Dallas, actually McKinney TX which is just a bit north of Dallas. I would too like more info on Chuck and or the monthly meetings. My youngest son and I are ameture blacksmiths for the past couple of years. I have found many of my various parts off eBay and CraigsList. Though I have been very lucky in getting quality pieces. Anyway, awesome website and forum.

Thanks Gary.

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