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I Forge Iron

a Dave Hammer inspired burner & new forge candidate


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thought i would make my 1st post a completion
topic & an introduction as well.

a lot of internet research led me to 3 choices for
gas powered burners. from 3 came the one i selected
and i couldn't be happier with Dave Hammer's build process.
his video was excellent & i actually was able to source all of those
crucial components at my local hydraulic design/supply
shop. just 20' away from me!

so here are some pics of the forge burner in operation . . . .





and here is a pic of my Forge candidate:




so i have some questions regarding the size of the forge -
1. i intend to use only 1 burner for now --- this tank is 2' in length so its way too big for a single burner . . . .
what would you guys recommend for a max working length for this type of single gas burner?

2. the girth is a little over 3' & since its an ex LP tank -- wall thickness is probably close to 1/4" --- would like
to use 2" of Kao-wool or similar with full dimensioned fire brick for the floor.
would like to hear comments about my choices for insulation & the brick .. . . .

its a great site & my hats off to the very cool, laid back atmosphere of the working k'base of members.
and would like to extend my thanks to D. Hammer for his efforts to produce a most excellent video of
this particular burner.

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mock up forge facilitating the new burner operating test.
constructing a hanger for my black pipe air line output controls.






my mechanical engineering friends see this burner
in action --- amazing the looks i "see" in their eyes;
gawking intelligence from men who instantly are transformed
to adventurous boys.
their girlfriends are impessed with this contraption as well.

its power in its most impressionable efficiency . . . . .

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