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Greetings all,

I have recently gotten bit by the bug, after far to many hours in front of youtube I am convinced I need to give this a shot. I have my forge welded up just waiting to get the right blower me and my son have found a coal vain in the side of a local river bank so we have fuel covered now for the big issue... can you all guess? Yes! that's correct! the anvil!!! Kinda hard to do much with out one, also a leg vice not even the local museum had one. lol. I am located at Lethbridge, Alberta and would like to know if there are any local groups or clubs or even just individuals in this area that might be able to help out?

Thanks for reading. Great site to lots of good discussion!

Adam M.

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I don't know any smiths in Lethbridge but there are a couple of professional smiths in the Cochrane area. They should be able to put you together with any Southern Alberta group. Look up Mark Pierce. The guys in the Group that are in the Northern part of the province will likely know of any Southern smithshttp://www.wcbg.ca/ Or Jump in the car and drive to their meeting and make a weekend of it.

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Theres what appears to be a decent looking 150 pound farrier pattern anvil for sale in Nelson.

It's been up for sale for a while so if it is still available, the seller might take less for it. If it is under 150 pounds, I think it can be shipped by bus for not too much.

If looked after an anvil will last for many years. A $300 investment can last you many years. If you lose interest you can probably get most or all your money back by reselling. In my opinion good anvils are rarely bad investments.

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