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I have acquired some 1.5" round bars of 7120 from my work and was wondering if anyone had any experience forging this steel. It is a tungsten chromium steel with 1% tungsten and 20 points of carbon. I think it will be hard to forge but will hold up well as hot work tooling. Any information would be helpfull.


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What was the round bar used for ? sounds like a shaft for an electric motor.tungsten is one of the hardest steels. i believe your bar would fall into the high speed steel category. From my exp.welding with tungsten and any other steel with high chromium.over heating is a big issue.Also with steel of this kind at high temps the metal will release what is called( hexavalent crome).Whitch is very toxic too the body.This is from a Welding stand point.When forging I am not sure. Also tungten and high chromium.Will (suger) or get crusty at over heated temps.

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That stuff will be tough to move under the hammer. I can't think of anything that it would make that would be usefull around my shop. It wouldn't get hard enough for most tooling, although it might make a good hot punches, chisles and such. Give it a go, it might be worth the effort.

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Dunno if this helps you much,



Major classifications of steel[1]
SAE designation Type
1xxx Carbon steels
2xxx Nickel steels
3xxx Nickel-chromium steels
4xxx Molybdenum steels
5xxx Chromium steels
6xxx Chromium-vanadium steels
7xxx Tungsten steels
8xxx Nickel-chromium-vanadium steels
9xxx Silicon-manganese steels

Maybe with a press could could save some work.

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