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My latest Trenton - It's a MONSTER!!

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I just picked up this beast. A 24 pound Ajax/Trenton made in 1902 according to Mr. Postman.The coolest thing about it is it appears to have been stamped for JH Ashdown which was a hardware store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that closed in 1971 (thank-you Wikipedia). I've heard of 1 of these before but have never seen one before now.


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Yeah, it begs the question as to how many batches they ordered, and how many were in each batch.

It would make sense to see these concentrated in the Winnipeg area. This one came from Lethbridge, Alberta. I saw one go at a garage sale in central Alberta last year. I found a record of one that went for auction in the Winnipeg area 3 years ago on Google.

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That's darned near a pocket anvil, certainly back pack size. Going to do some campfire forging? I used to do a lot of forging around a campfire, it sure beat drinking myself stupid every night after work.

Frosty The Lucky.

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