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I Forge Iron

hello from Stockton


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Hello everyone. After lurking for a while I have decided to join. I got started blacksmithing like a year ago. After picking up a book on the subject at the local library and reading it I said to myself "I'm doing this" and off I went in search of tools and it turns out they were all in one place, The Windmill Ranch. The gentelman living there sold me all of his old blacksmith things the forge anvil hammers tongs everything he had for one low price. I could not resist I loaded up the truck and set it all up in the back yard. Since then I have been at it every day I can and I love it. I have tried bladesmithing, ornamental iron, and just hammering way and see what comes of it. I love evey aspect, its just to much fun. I guess I will end this before I get caried away. I think this will be a great palce to share ideas and get aquainted with other smiths.

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hey welcome pal, I was born in Sonora and had a place in Tracy for several years. Lots of friends and family out your way, when I come out to visit, I may look you up! This site is very cool! Get with the Ca. group, believe me you will not regret it!

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