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I was using my make-shift forge today with a new bag of coal. The stuff usually produces a lot of smoke, sometimes with a greenish tint, but today it was quite a lot worse. It got the the point where I felt ill and just gave up. I am going to build the chimney a bit higher, but, where can I find a supplier of coke in the uk? I think that it burns cleaner and hotter, or I think so anyway. I live in haywards heath, about 40 miles south-ish of london.

*edited to remove the bits that made no sense, putting it down to the smoke :unsure:*

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You have a few options. For Monckton beans, try R A Blackford in Uckfield, 01825 732183. They are listed in the BABA address book as suppliers. Or CPL for Sunbrite Singles, this coke is bigger than the Monckton Beans.

Failing the above, go to the South of England Show in early June, http://www.seas.org.uk/shows.asp?ID=2 and speak to the fellas at the blacksmithing area. They will know.
I might even be there myself if I can make something for the Blacksmithing Competition in time.


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Have you just tried calling around the local coal merchants and asking if they have forge/blacksmithing coke? If they sound confused, then they don't and may try and sell you household coke or coal. Round my way there are only a handful of coal merchants (very rural area) and two of them stock coke.

There is a guy on Ebay who sell coke and I think he delivers around the country?

Or you could try charcoal ;)

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