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JYH and Press MKII

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My friend Tim, Siskiyouforge, was over at white city metals and picked up thers 20 inch stroke, 7 inch bore cylinders, the base and caps are 2.5 inches thick, but bit too tall for what I wanted to do. SO I cut them down to 14 inch stroke, and carefully cut off the botom tangs, and rethreaded the 1 inch tie rods. Cutting the 3.5 inch ram was a chore.
Replaced all seals, I feel good with them. The lathe and the versamil are run with hydraulic motors.




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The anvil is a 6x6 inch squart full pen weld on two 4x4 sq chunks welded on a 3x12x10 plate, the base is a 5 foot by 13 inch one inch thick base, 3x6 posts, 8 x 6 top. 65 lb hammerhead without the die, dump truck leaf spring pack, it weighs 65 lbs, the center pivot is on a small hyd ram that adjyste the hammer hight quickly.
The 8 x 8 x 12 half inch thick piece of box tube welded in is for the 5" by 11 inch stroke press cylinder over the adjustable table.
Power hammer with a 57 ton press with a 9 inch by 14 inch opening, 1 inch thick plates, and a 25 ton top down press with an adjustable table.





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It tested with great satisfaction, nice control with the treadle to the hydraulic flow control valve, thats a 9.7 gpm gearoter motor turning the swashplate for the adjustable driveshaft in the rear. The plate has different hole settings for shorter or longer stroke, easy to set the blow height with the cyl under the pivot.
And the beginnings of my sister hammer.





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