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My gasser, three burners, idle circuit


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I got this used gasser from Ebay for $250 plus $78.55 for shipping 90lbs according to ups.com in December of 2011, the seller Dennis is a great guy that did an excellent job of designing and building this three burner gasser.


Gas forge in the box.


All the parts of the gasser laid out.

"He said that the ball valve in conjunction with the small needle valve is the idle circuit. When adjusted properly it will reduce the flame to an idle to save on gas when you are not heating anything and to save on relighting. To adjust open the needle valve, lite the forge and let it warm up a little and then close the ball valve under the gauge. The flame should be reduced to an idle at that point. Adjust the needle valve so the flame is at its lowest point to keep it burning.


Control panel of the gasser, the right side of gasser if one is facing the front door.


Front view of the gas forge.


Rear view of the gas forge.

He also said he has used fire brick in the forge not for welding but to raise smaller pieces up off the bottom of the gasser floor.

Per Dennis the insulation is about 8 or 9 years old and was what was recommended at the time. Even though there is not a lot of use on it, you may try replacing it first. I also have never welded in the forge so I am not familiar with the process. if you are doing a lot of welding the Bubble Alumina Refractory Coating could be an added improvement with out replacing the insulation."

I intend to do the above after I realign gasser with new insulation that came with the gasser and and coat with Bubble Alumina Refractory Coating which I just got the other day. Since I will use the gasser for forge welding I will cast a nice table (the table will be concave) that will sit at least an 1 1/2" off the bottom of the gasser with four legs made out of same cast-able refractory material as the table, I want the flame to be able to surround the metal that I will be heating, since all three burners are set at approximately 45 degrees from horizontal, flame will be circulating in a counter clockwise direction, if I just use a solid break it will disrupt the circulation, and the metal piece will not get evenly heated.

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I decided that I will repaint the gasser first and all the parts in high temperature black paint, then reline, and coat inside of the gasser with Bobble Alumina refractory coating. So first I will get some paint, then I will disassemble the gasser sand blast the gas housing, and paint and reassemble the gasser, reline, and finally coat. Second I will make the cast-able table and legs that will support the table inside the gasser. Pictures will follow when each step is completed.

I will have my friend Mark weld my stand which will use eighteen wheeler hub as a base for the stand, it will be approximately four foot high. I will also paint the stand black.

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