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Hi from bonny Scotland

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Hi there,

I've been lurking around the forums for a while and have been absolutely blown away by some of the talent that frequents this place.

I've been thinking a lot about getting into smithing for a while now and having been doing some reading around the subject online, stumbled across the forums. I can honestly say that reading the walkthroughs, guides, tips etc on here has tipped the scales and I know now that I want jump into things.

There is at least one forge in my neck of the woods that offers trial days but does anyone have any clue as to any groups or clubs that operate in central Scotland (bit of a longshot I know as most of you all seem to hail from the states).

Anyway, I look forward to speaking and learning from you all and hopefully in the not too distant future having something to show myself.

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Welcome aboard glad to have you. There is a pretty large contingent from your side of the pond subbed on here, I'm sure they'll be along presently. I'm trying to recall who here is from your neighborhood but I'm drawing a blank.

Taking pics are always good, we LOVE pics and it's a good way to document your progress. Taking notes is good too, maybe more important because folks who's opinions aren't polluted with knowledge often come up with wonderful new things.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi from Colorado......Chili-penguin eh? Is that like a cold penguin or a penguin that eats chilis? Probly the former I reckon...............If I were a penguine it would be the latter.... :D .....I was in Edinburgh in 2006 and the guest house where we stayed served 'wee haggis' with breckie. The propritor asked me how I liked em and I replied; ''A bit bland for me, you should put some jalapeno pepper in em''.....I said it in a friendly tone but she just scowled, so I went in search of an Indian restraunt later that day.... B)....I didn't get to meet any blacksmiths in Scotland, maybe next time. Welcome aboard Chili.....MacBruce

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hi chili!

I used to live in "bonny scotland"- the Ratho forge has got a great reputation for courses. As far as I know there's not any groups or clubs apart from the UK wide BABA, although there could be, my forge was in highland perthshire, and I didn't really get out to meet many smiths up there. Welcome to IFI, it's a great resource, and there are quite a few brits on here!

Macbruce, regarding the haggis, you do realize you were insulting the woman's national dish??!! :o

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Nice to meet you all.

@macbruce - Haggis with chilli? Now there's an interesting thought, though boiled innards shouldn't really meet a vegetable.
@colleen - The Ratho forge was the one I was aware of. I haven't been able to go along yet and can't afford one of the taster days until the summer.

I think between now and then I'm going to focus on trying to construct my own forge to give me something to aim for.

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