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Am I missing something here?

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listed as hay Budden
Listed as Trenton

if they are different manufactures then I should be able to tell them apart right?
the guy posted pics of the label on the first, but is the second really a Budden?
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You are fine. Both are American made anvils of top quality. Their patterns are very similar, along with dimensions. Trenton are typically taller and more narrow in the waist, but the difference is slight.

The easiest means to tell them apart from looking at the unstamped side (presented in both photographs) is by looking for the seam between the face and body. Hay Budden are typically tighter on the edge seam, invisible very frequently. Trenton often have a line showing, sometimes very easy to see, but sometimes nearly invisible like a HB.

The two brands are even serial numbered and weight stamped in a very similar manner, on the front of the foot under the horn. The difference is a Trenton is SN on the right and weight on the left, while a Hay Budden is the opposite!


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