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Fisher Anvils

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I was wondering where the Fisher anvils were manufactured in the mid 1800s? Thanks!

Fisher first made anvils in Newport, Maine from about 1847 to around 1853. Early in the 1850's, Mark Fisher made the move to Trenton NJ to be closer to shipping and railroads, easier to get materials, and labor. Newport Maine was very remote in that era. He had at least two different foundries in Trenton, with the later one used to make Fisher anvils until May, 1961. At that point urban and highway development claimed the land, and all operations were moved to Crossley foundry and machine works about a mile away. They made anvils until Dec. 1979. In 2001, Crossley building was demolished.

All remnants of the operation now exist in my museum, including the legal rights to the name and all designs.
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On 10/9/2016 at 11:19 PM, Blue Tarp Guy said:

Is it true that the logo of fisher anvils was pressed into the anvil body before 1860, and after 1860 the logo was in relief on the surface?

The name Fisher & Norris was stamped into the top side of some of the early anvil made in Trenton, NJ.  I have never seen any marked "Maine".  The only markings of some of the Maine made Fisher's is the weight stamped in.

In the 1860's, Fisher began casting in the Eagle holding wheat stalks, similar to US coinage, as their logo.  That changed around 1871 when Clark Fisher took over and changed the logo to the Eagle on a Naval Anchor.  A few variations of that logo were used to the end.

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