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100lb hay budden anvil $250?

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i have a chance to get a 100lb hay budden anvil for around $250 (its on ebay so the price might go up, but that is including shipping) and i was wondering if it would be a good deal. so far its the best deal on an anvil i have found, but i dont know about the brand or if that is to much for that kind of anvil. plus it has a buy it now of $300+$94 shipping, so around $400, would that be way over priced? and the serial number is #18109, can any one tell me when its made?

i also added the ebay picture

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Sounds like the going rate for a HB. Alot of the smaller ones have very hard faces and usually chip easily along the sides. I would suggest looking around locally. I found my 125 lb HB by word of mouth, got it for $1 a pound. Good luck, and be patient for deals.

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Depends on several things but mostly location.
If it is close to you then yes (assuming it is in good condition) but if it is 800 miles away then don't bother.

As it has been stated before ad nauseam on IFI it would certainly help in many ways for members to list their location.
You don't have to pinpoint your precise whereabouts and include pics of your house, your mailbox with the numbers on it and your dog too but at least a nearby major city, state or province.

That's how anvil deals suddenly just turn up in your PM inbox...

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