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boric acid source

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I've been reading that some guys use boric acid as a welding flux or as part of a flux mix.

I needed to edit my info, after a little research I realized I mispoke. The wood preservative I spoke of originally isn't the same. I'm glad I caught it in time.

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Are you telling, or asking? If you want smaller quantities, several common roach poisons are 98%-99%% boric acid (and 1%-2% "inert ingredients"). Roach Prufe and Hot Shot Roach Killing Powder are two examples. You can buy them just about anywhere, and they're cheap.

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www.rosemill.com In ct. Has boric acid technical grade in 5 10 and 15 pound containers for 23.50 to 64.00 USD plus shipping.

Cheaper if you go and pick it up. I have emailed them, they seem like good folks, but never actually needed 5lbs or more of boric acid at once. I use EZ weld, until it runs out, then Ill go to borax that I use for laundry.

Best of luck,

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