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How to raise a bathtub from the floor


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I am renovating my bathroom/sauna and my wife would like a bath tub embedded in the sauna, it would then need to be raised from the floor and integrated with the woodwork. I will buy a steel inset bathtub and would like to build a frame for ti so ti can be raised so that it's upper edge is at about 110cm from the floor.

This is the kind of tub, and it has small feet that comes with it

How sturdy would one need to make such a frame, and what material/paint would one need to use in order for it to not become rusty etc. I would need to put "feet" on the frame so as not to damage the floor tiles. I guess i could modify the frame that comes with the tub and put it's feet on the frame.
I guess the weight will be at 200kg minimum when filled.

If you have thoughts, i recieve them gladly :)
I attatched a picuture of how it would look like when the cover is taken off the tub and you can use it. Then it would ben in level with the seats. (the cover would be a seat as well when the tub is not used.)


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You could use a wood frame if the rest of sauna is wood. A good sturdy wood frame should be able to support that tub and it filled with water. Several years ago I helped demolish an older home's bathroom that had a cast iron bath tub in it that was supported only by 2 x 4 pine framing cover with gypsum board and ceramic tile. The tile came up and over the the edge of the tile. The tub and all other fixtures were to be salvaged as they were all of the same color and in very good condition along with all of the floor tile, counter, bull nose and shower tile. We got most all of it off without to much breakage. It was a good thing that they had a building felt backing under the grout, once we got under that it came up pretty easy but getting that cast iron tub off the second floor was hard work.

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