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Heat Treating Glossary

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The Knights furnace link is a good reference for someone with a working knowledge of heat treating their own items. For a new person it leaves a lot of blanks. Particularly in the tempering temps they llist. They give a high and low end scale for tempering. Great information but does not say wot the end product will be when you choose either end or somewhere in the middle. When I try a new steel I find a chart that tells me the RC scale I can expect to achieve with different tempering cycles. Then its up to me to select a RC number that will do wot I wish that steel to do. And of couirse up to me to make that happen in the steel. Personally I like to see folks new to heat treat stick to simple steels that have predictable results when done at home with normal shop equipment. Meaning simply that a steel similiar to 1084 for blades can be heat treated in a gasser or solid fuel forge and will likely work ouit well. For tool steel as an example 1045 is another one that can be done at home and make a lot of shop tools.On the other hand the glossery is a great addition to any shop.

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