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Update on Daves progress (Fieryfurnace)

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I stopped by Brians today and decided to take a few pics of Dave forging out a taper. They were doing a blob weld with some one inch stock. Dave struck and they forged this big grape leaf. Then they drew out the stem and left about an inch and a half of one inch stock then started drawing out the rest to be a tendril that will hold a candle. the one inch stock was cut almost all the way through then folded over and forge welded. this part was hammered round and reduced down to look as the stem. The pictures are of Dave drawing out the long taper that starts as about 1/2", of one inch square stock. He forges this with his new rounding hammer using the near and far edges of the anvil to draw out this long taper. I was fascinated at how high he was bringing his hammer and using his whole body to swing the hammer. If not for him learning to swing his hammer like this he would have never been able to accomplish this task without wearing out his arm. I will get some good pics tomorrow. He is doing great.


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