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First Spike Hawk

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This is my first attempt at a Spike HAwk. I have learnt a lot (from all my mistakes) and will make lots of changes next time round. Getting heaps of good ideas off this site. Hawk__01.jpg03072012089.jpg One last thing....I hear rail spikes are quite low carbon and dont heat treat so well....this one I found all rusted on an old railway and had no markings. Anyhow I heated it up to non magnetic and quenched in oil and then tempered at 240 c for 2 hours and then cleaned it up and when i tried to sharpen it on my stone it is a lot harder than i expected...I had a basic edge after cleaning it up but it is as least as hard as a big bowie i made from 5160...is it possible very old spikes could have had higher carbon content than the newer ones? it was very rusty.

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Looks nice i like it dont know about the carbon content in older ones it's possible I guess I was always told that the carbon is lower in the spikes then what people really think worst case is you need to sharpen more often

That is what I have aso heard too. I have made quite a few knives from 5160 but this was my first try with anything from a spike and my first axe type thing ever. I was expecting something that would be more of a display thing but it quenched hard and a file glided right off . Anyhow I am going to have another go today with some 5160 and see how i go.
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