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forge blower size

Roy Honcho Gregory

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So my cooking partner is building a coal forge. I'm building a gas forge.
He bought a 165 CFM blower from someone on line. Good blower.
I'm thinking of using a blower I have in my shop from a wood/pellet stove. Not sure the CFM

So I'm thinking my blower is not as strong as his, but much stronger then a hair dryer some use.
We will both gate them for control. any comments about this would be great.

The ones we use at the blacksmith meeting has a blower for gas, I see many here don't use a blower on gas. But I do have it so I'm trying it. If I had to buy one I would skip it for sure. I'm trying to do thing for close to zero dollars and get the most bang. It a :Just Me" thing

He is real good at things like this, so I know his will work.
He has done a lot of research on the web.

I'm sure mine will also, and this is more of my research.

Thank Y'all for all your post/help

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I just tried using my charcoal forge pot last week and I installed a brand new 146 cfm blower from dayton and when I open the air gate all the way on a 3" dia. pipe it blows the charcoal out of the pot. coal is heavier and burns hotter that charcoal (I think) and my air gate was only open about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way and I was melting 1/2 sq. bars in no time.
Good luck

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