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I Forge Iron

What is it?

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Peck, Stowe & Wilcox or Pexto the later name of the company, also Niagara and others made a whole host of different shaped stakes to take care of the tinned steel trade of metal workers. They were also used extensively by copper workers, those that made gutters, flashings, brewing equipment and the like. Tin workers made things for everyday use like funnels, dust pans, waste baskets, ancillary equipment for boilers and the like. Every metal working shop had a good set of stakes and a good set of soldering irons which sounds strange since most soldering irons are made of large chunks of copper. That large stake of yours actually fit in the stake holder by the short arms on the head and the seam on the piece you were working on was closed over the long arm but you could also use the short arms, it really isn't an anvil.

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Thats what I wondered. its more of an add on . cool to know all the info. the guys barn it came from must have done sheet metal for furnaces. he had several blocks for doing corners and such. I had gotten these when buddy said he was selling the place. this was junk left by the previous owner 19 years before.

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