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hey guys, i need some advice. i am wanting to build a brick forge and have a few ideas as to the construction but i was wondering if any of you could lend me some ideas too. me and my buisness partners are merging our blacksmithing company's into one big one and we do anything from blades to home decor we have a coal portable forge and a propane portable and now we are wanting a permanent brick one to work out of. we will be using coal. and will be hooking up a electric blower to it that will provide air probably from underneath. if any of you have any blueprints i would love to look them over. i am getting ready to pour a concrete pad to build it on. hope you all can help.

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A masonry forge is basically a table constructed so that there are arches connecting the four legs. The size of the table depends on how much space you have and your preferences, and what you are constructing. The firepot and possibly the chimney cleanout is accessed though the arches. The firepot is just outside of the chimney opening, *not* between the chimney supports as that would limit the size of your projects to that of a large horseshoe sized object. *However*, my humble advise is to try out some masonry forges prior to building one, see the differences and how those differences fit your needs and work habits, and talk to the people who built and use those forges to discuss any advantages and shortcommings that they learned from building their forge.

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You might try contacting the smiths at Colonial Williamsburg. They rebuilt their shop recently which included the construction of several brick forges.


Another site has lots of info on forge construction. There are an awful lot of links to click on so take your time and look around.


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