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Crazy ol' question

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Hey all. I don't really do metal casting, (more blacksmithing) but I was thinking of maybe doing it one day. So, if I was to get a crucible, with a lid, could I just plunk it in my gas forge (Chile forge)? It gets up to welding heat for steel, so it should melt brass.
Any reason why I can't use a blacksmithing forge?

Thanks all,

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That'll work fine, just be sure to make or alter a set of tongs to hold the crucible firmly. Welding two short pieces of angle to the ends of some tongs would work well. Having four contact points is very stable, and easier to fabricate than trying to curve a piece of flat bar to match the curve of the crucible. I have a dedicated furnace so my tongs are the vertical-lift type, but they all contact at four points and are very safe.

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They sell small Jewlers cucibles that could fit in most any gas forge... If you have a larger forge then one could hold a bigger cucible. unless you are messing around with brass or iron you can make a crucible out of a thick walled section of steel pipe and 1/2 inch plate welded for a bottom.... Aluminum melts at a much lower temp than you would need to forge weld (1250 If I remember correctly). You are dealing with exactly the same kind of "technology" for the most part with both crafts... Just scaled up for foundry use.

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