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Hey there from Central Oregon


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Hey there, my name is Jody. I recently found IForgeIron, and have been lurking a bit. By way of introduction, let me say that I have not had the pleasure of heating and beating iron in over ten years. I took one blacksmithing course at Southern Illinois University back at the turn of the millenium as an elective and loved the feel of working metal and now feel the need to get back into it.

As the bug just won't let go, I am in the process of putting together my own backyard smithy. (I am sure my neighbors are going to love it, too.) I have been collecting tools for some time now, whenever I come across a serviceable tool I grab them up. I have a rusted post vise that a friend gave me, a small handcrank/forge setup, a few hammers, chisels, files and tongs and various other bits and pieces.

Just yesterday I came across a beat up old RR rail anvil, it will have to do for the time being until such time as I can find a reasonably priced anvil. The face is pitted and rusty--can anyone spell out what it will take to bring life back into it...or if it is even possible? I only spent $18 on it at an antique store, so if y'all don't think it is worth the trouble, I will trust that you know better than I and use it as is.

I am including pics of the rail anvil and my final project from class 10 years ago--unfortunately I never got to the part of finishing it, so it is a bit rusted.

Glad to find the site and look forward to learning from such a wellspring of knowledge as I see this group has.





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Welcome; It looks like the rr iron was an andiron for a fireplace
cool lookin spoon and fork project I might suggest that you find a drop or
end cut of steel at a steel yard 4" round turned up on end or a piece of plate
2" or better by 8"or 10" square or a rectangle of similar dimensions standing on edge
either one would be a good useable starter anvil with a sturdy stand
happy hammerin ...........Cliff

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Norseman, thanks for the heads up--andirons, could have seen that if I had ever used andirons before. I see it now, and the pitting is obviously from a lot of fires. I will probably use Ridgeways advice and use this for the time being, always keeping my eyes open for something better. And I will stop by the local steel yard and see what they have.

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