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First fire in a while

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The bosses let us go a little early today, and one of the fellas asked me what I was gonna do this afternoon; I told him I had a new pile of coal that was just asking to make something. I resolved to start making some of the tools that I need to do some very basic things in the shop. I know that I want to make a hot cut for the anvil, a few punches, a slitter, and a drift. I thought I would start, today, with preparing part of an old cultivator axle to make the hot cut. I cut a long piece, and brought it up to a bright yellow heat. I upset the piece, by ramming it on one of my smaller anvils. That was as far as I got with it today;I only had a couple of hours today to fit the chores in, and get a little time at the fire. I worked on a Brian Brazeal heart, and a hook or two while the larger piece was coming up to temp. Here's just a couple of pics of the large piece in the fire, and upsetting it. I know it seems like small potatoes, but it was fun, things worked the way I needed them to, and I have a good beginning for the material for the hot cut.




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Phoenix, I know that to be true. It's a good thing that small steps can, and often do, lead to big things, because small steps are all I have time for. I have the hot cut forged to shape, and I have normalized it between each forging session. Tomorrow, if time allows, I will anneal it and then Thursday, maybe, I'll get some grinding done, and then filing. There's a chance I could have it ready to heat treat by the weekend.

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Keep at it. Looks good. Remember the procedures on the heat treat. Keep a notebook of future and past procedures. Dates you did the forgings. If something is working on the heat treat, continue it ! If things break, make notes. Use ink on the notes. Small drawings help to understand process sometimes. A LIST of future tools to make is nice to cross off what you have done.

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