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Where is the info for Re-Building and Anvil Face

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Yesterday Iw as visiting with someone on the chat room about repairing the fac e of an anvil He informed me there is a section on anvil repair on IFI. Being new to IFI my lack of experience in negotiating the website I have not located such a site / discussion.
So how about info on re-edging, gouge repair etc.
Thanks Yall.

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It's not really in one place. You have to go to the Anvil section and then search for "anvil repair". Then be ready to drink a pot of coffee and spend about 2 hours reading through the threads and following up ideas with google searches. have a pad and pencil handy to jot down notes; that will allow you to kind of centralize the information that gets repeated, and follow up on some fringe ideas.

That's what I did.

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Check this; http://www.cvbg.org/anvilrepair699.pdf It is the printed procedure for repairing anvils written by Robb Gunter. It is the best procedure I have seen, very detailed. And I wouldn't deter from what he has. I have seen several anvils at his shop that he has repaired and they are prestine. (Yes, I am a professional welder--since '73)

That said, I would really weigh the pros n cons of doing a repair. Note for the faint of heart or the inexperienced....

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