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Zelda Dagger WIP :D

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Well my best friend wants me to make a dagger for his brothers birthday.

A double sided 7" blade dagger made from 1095

Handle will be burned in and wire wrapped.

I plan a simple straight and rounded cross guard.

The neat thing will be a triangular pommel with the triforce etched in :D

Do I know how I'm going to attach that yet? no :( but I'll figure it out!

Here are some pics after I ground and hardened the blade.




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Haha well it's just a zelda themed dagger

You know I'm not sure.

I thought about a peen but I just don't see how thats possible in a way that would maintain

a triangular shape.

Unless the triangles point was up.

In face I'm an idiot, don't listen to me, that sounds entirely more sensible than what I had planned.

Yup so there you go, triangle's point will face up and the end will be peened

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I was gonna say either have the triangle point up if you're willing to compromise for simplicity's sake, or use a tap and die set to thread the end of the tang and the drilled hole of the pommel, which would allow you to keep the triangle pointed down.

*edit: Though I guess [using a tap and die set] that this would mean you'd have to shape the lower portion of the tang into a cylinder, or forge weld a small piece of round steel to the very end of the tang.

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