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I Forge Iron

Solid fuel forge from bricks

Dom H

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Can you dig a hole in the dirt on your property? That is the easiest. Say about 4 inches deep and a foot across, allow a couple feet of space for fuel and materials, use a piece of 1 inch pipe for the tue in a side blast arrangement. You can bury the pipe in the dirt you took out of the hole even.

Is there a reason you want brick? A built out masonry project is permanent, and as a newcomer to blacksmithing it may not be your best use of time while you learn...you may change your mind about this.


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The answer depends on how many bricks you have and your intended usage and/or goal. If you have enough bricks then perhaps a brick table with a firepot in front of a side draft chimney is very nice. So the questions include:
- how many bricks
- inside or outside
- how much space do you wish to allocated for the forge
- do you plan on a chimney
- what type of stuff do you plan on making
- how permanent do you wish to make the forge
- do you have or will you plan on installing a foundation under the forge
- do you plan on making the whole forge from firebrick or just the tuyer

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