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Best allround filter for me?

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I just got myself a 3M Jupiter PAPR.

Not sure what filters it's currently got fitted but obviously i'll need to start buying new ones at some point.

I'll be wearing it to grind, possibly while forging, and if i get the right head top, to weld too. Would want to do spray painting with it also.

What sort of filters should i look to buy, would it be best to have a selection and swap them out, say for the odd painting session?


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Well with spray painting and solvents you are going to want an organic vapor filter. For grinding, a good particle filter is all you need. I have a 6000 series 1/2 mask and keep both handy and swap them out as needed. 3M have a great selection of filters, so you really don't have to compromise to match the filter to the job.

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The 6000/7000 series have a very different filter fitting then the one you are looking at. So, I'll be honest here, I'm not sure where to look for yours. A google search for '3M Jupiter PAPR' gives me a whole lot of .au and .nz site which I refuse to click on because I'm a Springboks fan.

I did pop onto the US amazon site and found this. It lists OV/HEPA Cartridge GVP-441 as the included filter, and a quick search does state it's an organic vapor filter. That led me here, which lists it as a HEPA filter; so only for particulates. 3M lists a similar cartridge as a GVP-440. So I'm guessing your model line up is GVP and the 400 series filters are what you are looking for. Edit: 404 is ammonia, 444 is ammonia/HEPA, 402 is acid gas, 440 is HEPA, 405 is formaldehyde, 445 is formaldehyde/HEPA, 403 organic vapor/acid Gas, 401 is organic vapor, and lastly 443 is organic vapor/acid gas/HEPA.

I hope that helps a bit.

And yes, I was totally procrastinating when I did all this searching. I really don't want to get to the dishes just now.

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