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I Forge Iron

My first forge and first project!


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Hey guys, I finally finished my first forge (after an extremely long and drawn out process). The day after I finished my forge I put together my first project, railroad spike tongs. They aren't pretty but they work, I'm happy with them being my first ever attempt at smithing. If any of you are interested here is most of the process, here is a link. I might get to posting some finished pictures on the blog but I will likely be busy hitting hot metal.


Here are a couple of pictures. (tried to imbed but it wouldn't let me).



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Congrats on your first forge. I assume you will be putting in some insulation as I don't see it in the first link. As for the other two links, they do not work. You can easily upload pictures to the site but make sure you resize them so they don't dominate the screen. Just use the attachments button at the bottom.

As for the forge, T-Rex burners are good venturi burners. A bit noisy but then I think most venturis are like that. Make sure you have enough insulation to keep the t-rex in spec and used a hard firebrick in the bottom to regulate temperature and serve as a floor. Also don't forget to cover ceramic fiber with refractory mortar like Satanite because that fiber is very bad for you.

As for the hot metal, what are you interested in making?

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Well that is embarrassing... Yeah, my forge has two inches of insulating wool, lined with satanite and has a piece of kiln shelf for the floor. Here is a second try at the photos...
(it won't let me upload, Error500?...)

Forge heating up:

Ugly Tongs

The t-rex is definitely a little powerful for the freon forge. I'm giving it about 1-2 psi and its heating up railroad spikes no problem.

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