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Stone/ Brick forge

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Bonjour de Taiwan, Louise

A forge made entirely out of brick is surely possible to build. On my small forge based on a BBQ, I use bricks, see:
forge_brick_30.JPG (image)

You could easily build a similar small forge only with bricks. As for stones, I'd be carefull on which one to use (or wouldn't use any at all at least not anywhere near the heat) as they might explode due to the heat. For the bricks, I haven't had any problem.

Comment aimez-vous la France?


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Only if you are using real clay bricks or much more prefferably firebrick or refractory brick. Using the concrete brick pavers( the kind we use it the states to build walkways and such)is not too good an idea- as with stone there is a good chance of breakup leading to fire or possible explosion.


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We built this forge at Rock Ledge Ranch historic park At the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It has a Centour Froge fire pot set in a plate of 1/4 steel plate, we edged the plate with 1" angle iron to support the loose brick that border the forge. The Plate just rests on the brick and will lift off to repair the fire pot and blower hose. This is the best forge i have ever worked on. If it was mine I would have a side draft hood, the over head hood is hard to start a draft even tho it is a 12" pipe.

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