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toasted or no


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As told yesterday in ''shop brain fade'' I likely toasted my lathe motor......I got the mtr out and disassembled but I'm not quite sure I'm testing the field right.

test 1 shows me checking for continuity between the wires and frame, there is none. Good, I think...

test 2 shows testing between the steel slotted thing inside the field and there is continuity between it and the frame....Good or bad??



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Both are fine. Sometimes, when a motor burns out, it gets continuity between the windings and frame. Also, sometimes a winding goes open, or the capacitor burns out. Does the motor hum and not start, or does it just sit there and draw no current?

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The breaker blows before it gets that far.....There may be a prob with the mag starter. I tried continuity between the windings and frame and that was ok...Should the mag starter stay engaged w/o the mtr., cause it don't....?

I just did some more checking on the starter alone....I turned it on and there was a flash and it blew the breaker....Maybe that mtr ain't ready for jam after all....

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All's well that ends well.....Aside from 12-14 hrs to fix it no harm done to the mtr.......When I grounded the welder to the mtr mount plate the welding current didn't go as planed, not through the frame but through the wiring, duh....The wires inside the j box to the windings were crispy but were redeemed with shrink tube, a lot of it....The wires in the conduit were as they say, TOAST. It even roasted off some of the galv, koff, koff........Another lesson learned.... <_<


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