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Another wire rope question

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Hello again. I have a lot of 1/2 wire rope. I'm guessing it will twist, compact, and weld at approximately 1/4 inch rods. Has anyone of you or someone you know taken 4 or 5 of this size wire rope and twisted them up to make a larger diameter for a pattern welding project?

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Same here, seven pieces of smaller wire rope make a tidy bundle. I welded mine while twisting it in a v-block. Once I had the cable welded I forged it into rectangular bar and stacked those without any further twisting.

I find it's actually easier to weld larger cross sections. They are less likely to burn up and they stay at welding temp longer.

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you can also weld up the 1/2 wire rope into a round then twist some left hand and some right hand then square them and weld them side by side alternating so you get a herring bone pattern
Leave them round to twist then square
I use a bottom swage to do the initial weld into round

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