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Hello from Hermitage, TN


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Hello all:

Enjoying all the good info and dynamite photos and instructions in the blueprint section. Pleased to be in company with such an incredibly talented group of people. Used to have a shop once upon a time building furniture and custom ironwork. Am setting up another shop again after moving. Probably have to wait until after recovery from surgery to tackle work full tilt.

All the best from Tennessee.

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Welcome from the High and Dry, New Mexico. Hope you get another shop set up. One tip: please add your *general* location to your profile so it posts under your name so people can see where you are at without asking every time you post.

I was lucky in that my last surgery was my *left* shoulder, or "tong arm", and I could get back in the shop pretty fast. I did take up yoga after that as I found the free yoga class my employer offered did 7 of the 9 exercises that the PT I had to pay $40 a week did and then a whole lot more. Probably has kept me out of the hands of the surgeons several times since then.

I know that Frank Turley does Tai Chi as a form of stretching---lots of us start doing this kind of stuff as we get older so we can continue to do what we love!

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