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Beverly #1 hand shear

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I am the proud owner of two Beverly #1 hand operate shears . Gifts they were , pretty, but I am afraid for me, useless. I do not work in thin gage metal sheet. One of them, I am sending to a silver smith who might find some use for it , the other one ? It is complete, (both are) but it looks as if the socket on the lever arm is filled with a broken pry bar, flush with the end , gotta be drilled out. Question is is this socket threaded ? does the bar screw into the socket? If so.. left hand turning drill bits,progressively larger to the 3/4 " size of the socket and penetrating oil will make getting the chunk out possible. I can make and harden an"easy out". If the socket is NOT female threaded, so much easier. Anyone got one and can answer the question please do.Anyone wants one of these fine old toys?

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I own a #2 beverly shear. The handle is a piece of pipe that slides over a peg it has a hole cross drilled to accept a 3/8 bolt. They are handy tools I am glad to own one. I was cutting out some complex leaves yesterday with mine. I had to resort to using chisels to make some of the finer cuts. These tools tent to go for 60 to 80% of new price used. If you have a good set of chisels that you know how to use its really not any slower than the shear.

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