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endless supply of rasps


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Take an old bandsaw blade that is still sharp but doesn't cut strait........Cut it up into desired lengths, weld the ends and back if you wish with the teeth facing the same direction an bingo! Great for hot or cold.....
edit....If you weld in a number of spots along the back you'll get convex cutting face.....


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As bandsaw blades often get tossed before they are worn out due to breakage I cut them up for hacksaw blades and in general I mount a piece in a wood cutting bowsaw frame---I punch the holes slightly inboard so they will tension a bit more than a wood cutting blade.

Having a 30" hacksaw really helps when you are in un-powered situations. I usually have one tossed behind the seat of my pickup.

The ones not suitable for hacksaw blades tend to get assembled into pattern welding billets alternated with pallet strapping. A bit tricking to get the first welding run in but starting with 25 layers cuts down on the runs needed to get a nice number of layers! The bandsaw blade etches bright too because of the nickle in them.

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