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Black stove polish

Don A

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In reviewing some of the older threads, I notice that several folks have mentioned they use black stove polish as a finish for their iron work. I have, in the past, actually used it on an old stove, but never on my iron.

Is it applied to hot (black heat) steel, or does it go on cold?

Could it be successfully be sprayed with a clear-coat of clear enamel?

I am finishing a piece that will see semi-outdoor exposure (partially covered patio type area). I want it to look like black iron, as in bee's wax or linseed, not opaque paint, but be able to withstand a bit more exposure.

Any ideas are welcomed.


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I don't know about in the US, but the stove polish in the UK is a graphite based compound that can be put on warm or cold,

The proceedure is to wire brush off any rust etc and apply the polish with a brush or cloth, work it well in and then buff off excess with a cloth.

You may be able to spray a clear enamel over it and allow some time for it to dry.

Originally the stove polish was for use on cast iron stoves and is not a long term rust resist finish, it also transfers quite easily to clothing and hands etc leaving black marks when touched.

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