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Hello from the heart o Dixie !


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Hello, I am SGTCOFFEE from north west Alabama.
I have had an interest in the blacksmith craft since I was a young kid just never found a way to learn the trade till now.
I went to a Renaissance fair and was asking the smith about his propane forge over a coal forge and he told me his take on it . So when I got home I blowed the doors off google and ohhhh myyy what a bunch of info is out there !

As a tradesmen I have done a 5 year apprenticeship in the UA , I am a pipe-fitter by trade with 10 years as a journeyman.
I am currently employed as a maintenance fitter at a army installation .

I am looking forward to learning the blacksmith craft, I intend to build a gas fired forge, find a cheap starter anvil and a hammer and learn by forging my own tools, I know i am really probably setting my self up by attempting this but I be leave in learning by doing and correcting my mess ups as I go.

So there is a lil about me and I am looking forward to looking through this site and learning !

in the backwoods of North West Alabama

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Welcome to IFI and to the addiction. :) It really does become an addiction, ya know. This site is great, with a lot of great info and a lot of great smiths. If you run into a problem or have a question, search the forum. But if you don't find your answer or solution, then post your question. You will get several answers and a lot of help. Again, welcome to IFI. Oh.... and don't forget to post pics of your progress. We like pics. :D

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!! While I do admire your determination to learn this by trial and error, let me encourage you to hook up with a blacksmith group in your area. Here is the ABANA group for your state; www.alaforge.org Check them out and try to make one of the meetings, we love newbies that are willing to learn. A few hrs of hands on instruction on how to do something will know off days or even weeks off the learning curve! Once again, welcome. (Here is a list of the ABANA groups and you may find someone even closer than the link I gave you.)

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